◆ GALERIANS Walkthrough

English: Game Faqs: Galerians
日本語:Galerians Lab: 攻略データ | ガレリアンズ 攻略 by 芥川

◆ GALERIANS:ASH Walkthrough & Plot Analysis

English: Game Faqs: Galerians Ash
日本語:ガレリアンズ:アッシュ 攻略 by 芥川

◆ Character and Story Info

English: Our Little Secret | I wanna be Free

Other than the above external FAQs, I have the following stuff that I want to make available on this blog. Due to my busy schedue, I am not quite sure when these can be done = =;

1. Graphical FAQs for Galerians and Galerians:Ash
2. Some scripts that I found on the official guide of Galerians:Ash.
3. Character Info update.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting!!
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